Fee Distribution

Haircut (swap fee) collected is automatically distributed when its value exceeds Pool.mintFeeThreshold during deposit and withdrawal transactions. This value is usually set at a value of about $10 USD. Alternatively, users can call Pool.mintFee(address token), which is supported from V3 pool contracts, to instantly distribute fees.

Haircut is distributed in 3 portions:

  • LP dividend: A certain amount of haircut is distributed to LPs, which is determined by Pool.lpDividendRatio. The underlying token amount for LPs increases accordingly. The ratio can be checked using Pool.exchangeRate(address token).

  • Retention: Some haircut is retained in the tip bucket of the pool. The ratio could be checked by Pool.retentionRatio. It can be used to fill the pool if the retention factor drops below 1, or retrieved by the pool owner for other uses.

  • Remaining haircut are transferred to feeTo address

Current Allocation

The value shown in the above table might be outdated. Please refer to the smart contract for the latest value.

Currently, 50% of haircuts are allocated to "LP dividend" and the remaining 50% are allocated to "Retention". For USD+ family of assets, haircuts allocated to "Retention" are transferred to feeTo to ensure proper skimming.

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