Acquire WOM

Acquiring WOM

The WOM token is widely available across numerous decentralized exchanges:

*Token addresses can be found in About WOM.

Bridging WOM

An important note is that each chain in our ecosystem will operate independently, and as such, BNB veWOM holders will not have the ability to participate in the Arbitrum governance system.

To obtain veWOM on Arbitrum, existing BNB WOM holders can choose to bridge from the BNB Chain to Arbitrum to mint veWOM.

NOTE: veWOM is not bridgeable.

Follow these easy steps below and start bridging $WOM via Wormhole Portal:

  1. Visit Wormhole's Portal site at

  2. Choose the source and target chain as Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum, respectively

  3. Connect your source chain wallet

  4. Click "Select a token" and select $WOM

  5. Connect your target chain wallet

  6. Select your preferred payment method for gas fees, then click β€œNext”

  7. Click β€œTransfer” and confirm the transaction in the pop-up window

  8. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to initiate the transfer

  9. Wait for blockchain confirmations

  10. Click β€œRedeem” and confirm the transaction in your wallet

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