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We welcome everyone to use Wombat Exchange brand assets in their creative works and material. Unleash your creativity and surprise us!

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A few reminders...

As much as we believe in decentralization and freedom of creativity, protecting the brand of Wombat Exchange is essential to ensure our users' security, allowing them to understand the authenticity of our brand. Be sure to read these before you use our brand assets:

  • Never use it in your product's name, logo, NFTs, or more

  • Never use it to create digital or physical products for sale, including but not limited to Merchandise (e.g., T-Shirts, Cap, Mug, etc.) and NFTs

  • Never use it to imply an official endorsement

    • Use case reference:

    • A group named "Wombat Exchange Japanese" ❎

    • A group named "Wombat Exchange Fan Group - Japanese" βœ…

  • Never change or adapt our brand assets in any way

Download Brand Assets

By downloading these files, you confirm that you will only use them to the extent permitted by the terms detailed on this page.

Click here to access Wombat Exchange Media Kit.

Above shares a small collection of our official brand assets. Feel free to drop us a message on our Discord or Telegram for any other graphics or alternative sizes. πŸ˜‰

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