Fee Sharing

Commencing February 28, 2023, all liquidity providers will have access to the benefits of our fee-sharing program.

How we generate income

Our revenue generation model is based on a small fee levied on every token swap, withdrawal, or trade fee that users generate on our website, 1inch, or any other DEX aggregator.

Sharing the Wealth

In line with our belief in sharing our income, 50% of swap fees collected will be disbursed evenly among all liquidity providers of the respective token, with the remaining 50% directed to our treasury. Fee sharing APR is displayed in the tooltip of the average APR, calculated with the below formula:
(∑ipooli.dailyVolume∗pooli.haircut∗pooli.lpDividendRatio)∗365Total Value Locked\displaystyle \frac{(\sum_{i} pool_i.\text{dailyVolume} * pool_i.\text{haircut} * pool_i.\text{lpDividendRatio}) * 365}{\text{Total Value Locked}}
Fee-sharing rewards are reflected in the underlying asset value of your LP, and it is essential to note that the fee-sharing APR may fluctuate depending on our platform's trading volume.
All fees accrued in the past will be applied towards funding community incentives. Stay tuned for further updates!