Lock WOM

Locking $WOM is irreversible. You can only claim back the tokens after the locking period.

1. If you do not have any WOM to lock, you can get them from PancakeSwap.

2. On Wombat’s app, head to the Boost menu.

3. Input desired lock amount & period. You’ll be able to preview the veWOM earnings and the exact unlock date.

4. Click APPROVE to give Wombat access to your WOM tokens. Approve the transaction on MetaMask.

5. Click the LOCK button to confirm the transaction. Authenticate the action on Metamask to proceed.

6. Once the transaction has gone through, you will get your veWOM instantly and start earning WOM in the boosting pool every second. You may see your boosted APR in the menu of the pools where you have staked stablecoins.

Booster Calculator

You may use the booster calculator on our BOOST page to determine how much a certain amount of veWOM affects your APR.

Video Tutorial

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