Swap Guide For Crosschain Pool

A haircut fee is charged for each swap. The haircut fee retains in the protocol as a reserve, learn more at Haircut (Swap Fee)

Wombat Exchange's Crosschain Pool allows users to swap stablecoins seamlessly across various blockchains without having to bridge your assets.

In the initial alpha launch, users can swap USDT and USDC between BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Ethereum, all in one place.

  1. Connect your wallet by clicking CONNECT WALLET button on the top right corner of Wombat Exchange app: https://app.wombat.exchange/swap

  1. Choose the source chain and the token you want to swap.

  1. Enter the desired input amount. You may also click MAX to trade all your token balances.

  2. Choose the destination chain and the token you want to swap to.

  3. Once you enter the token amount on the source chain and choose both chains, details of the transactions will be displayed on the expandable card below the block, including:

    • Minimum Received: You can adjust the minimum received in the setting’s swap slippage tolerance option. Transactions will not go through if you cannot receive at least this amount.

    • Gas on destination chain: You will receive this amount in the destination chain when the crosschain swap is successful.

    • Fee: The transaction fee is charged. This fee is reflected in the total amount displayed.

    • Estimate Delivery Fee: This is the fee to deliver some gas tokens from the source chain to the destination chain (You can modify the amount of gas tokens you want us to transfer in the SETTING). Ensure you have some native token of the source chain in your wallet to pay this fee.

    • Price Impact: The difference between the market price and the approximated price caused by the trade.

  1. Click APPROVE to permit Wombat to access the asset. Once approved, click SWAP and confirm your action on the wallet app to go forward.

  2. Once the transaction is successful, you may view the details by clicking VIEW ON BSCSCAN (Arbitscan or Etherscan, depending on your source chain). Click DONE if you want to close the pop-up message and be redirected to the swap page.

  3. You can keep track of the swapping process in the β€œCrosschain Swap Status" box at the end of the page.

You may adjust Gas on Destination Chain, Slippage Tolerance and Transaction deadline in settings with a click of the icon at the top right corner.

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