Yield Farming

Wombat delivers WOM through our base reward and boosted reward, which accounts for 37.5% and 62.5% of emissions.
WOM Rewards=WOM Rewards base+WOM Rewards boostedWOM\ Rewards = WOM\ Rewards\ _{base} + WOM\ Rewards\ _{boosted}

Base Reward

Your base reward is directly proportional to the amount of LP tokens you have staked.
WOM Rewards base=Base Pool AllocationDepositTotal Pool DepositWOM\ Rewards\ _{base} = Base\ Pool\ Alloc ation * \frac{Deposit}{Total\ Pool\ Deposit}
Examples can be found in this article:

Boosted Reward

The boosted reward incorporates voting escrow WOM (veWOM) for rewards accrual. The team drew inspiration from Curve’s veCRV model and enhanced its flexibility and earning power.
Boosted rewards are calculated using a weight function (w) in conjunction with the veWOM amount (shown below):
w=DepositveWOMw=\sqrt{Deposit * veWOM}
After calculating your weight, plug it into the following formula to calculate your boosted WOM reward:
WOM Rewards boosted=Boosted Pool AllocationwTotal Pool WeightWOM\ Rewards\ _{boosted} = Boosted\ Pool\ Allocation * \frac{w}{Total\ Pool\ Weight}
Examples can be found in this article:
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APR Definition

Base APR
Boosted APR
Median APR
The base APR is the instant APR and it depends on multiple factors including TVL, pool weight, WOM emission and price of WOM.
By locking WOM, you will get veWOM and it increases your boosted APR for stablecoin staking. veWOM applies to all tokens you have deposited.
The sum of Base APR and Median Booster APR. The median boosted APR is for the users who have locked WOM and hold veWOM.