Yield Boosting

You can earn additional WOM from the Boosted Pool by locking WOM tokens. The Boosted Pool was created to incentivize token purchases, encourage long-term investing, and develop a strong TVL linked to lock boosting.
Locking any amount of WOM applies a boost to ALL stablecoin pools, but the APR varies based on your position, WOM emission, WOM price, and the actions of other users. veWOM’s attributes are as follows:
  • Users can lock WOM for a period between 7 days and 4 years to mint veWOM based on the following formula (t=# of days)
veWOM ratio versus number of years to lock
  • Users can have multiple locking positions (up to 10,000) with different locking periods and WOM amounts
  • Maximum veWOM held with a deposit equals 1x WOM staked for the deposit
  • After the expiration of a position, users can redeem WOM anytime. However, once redeemed, the respective veWOM is burned. i.e., your veWOM balance will continue to boost your rewards after lock expiration unless you redeem the underlying WOM
  • veWOM is not transferable or tradable
Examples can be found in this article:
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