Vote and Claim

Before you can vote, you'll need to have veWOM. If you don't already have veWOM, take a look at this first lock wom

How to vote

  1. Go to Gauge page.

  2. Connect your wallet to view the veWOM balance, vote, and bribes.

  3. You can view your vote balance after you connect the wallet.

  4. Go to Vote with veWOM and add the gauge you want to vote for.

  5. Enter the percentage of votes you want to cast and click vote. You can vote for more than 1 gauge.

  6. If you want to change the vote from one gauge to another, simply type in “0%” in the existing gauge and enter the desired percentage in the new gauge.

How to Claim Rewards

  1. You can view your rewards balance in the Claimable Rewards column.

  2. If you would like to claim your rewards, simply click Claim all rewards.

If you switch your vote in the gauge, any rewards will be allocated straight to your wallet.

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